Vintage book laptop purses

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Imagine my surprise when I found these huge vintage books being tossed! I could not believe how beautiful they were and at the same time so functional. They will hold all the new small laptops that are the rage right now. And such interesting subject matter. Really, how cool is it to carry your laptop in Dante’s Purgatory and Paradise? I come across large books all the time and have a huge stash saved for future laptops. I keep the measurements of each book, so we can decide if your laptop will fit. You can choose from a short handle or long shoulder straps; it really depends on your preference and sometimes the weight of your laptop.

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A Note From Kathleen

It is important to remember that these vintage book purses are old and in as-found condition. I clean, repair and preserve the book covers but some have minor wear and tear that will still be visible.  All book spines have been triple-reinforced with archival linen book tape, and new book board has been added for longevity.  Leather has been waterproofed, fabric covers have been treated with Scotchgard® and paper litho boards have been triple-coated to prevent water damage. All vintage book purses come with a vintage button as a simple loop closure.  Each book purse has either one or two interior pockets for credit cards and licenses, depending on the size of the book.  I designed your vintage book purse so that the fabric lining holds all the weight distribution, so you really can use your book purse.


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