Not long after I created the vintage book clutches, my customers started asking for book wallets. I keep finding wonderful vintage books that need to be saved from the recycling bins. And there seems to be no end to ideas from my loyal customers. These flat little books are perfect to make wallets from. They come in such a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses that I can customize them to specific uses. I can make cell phone wallets, checkbook wallets, and wallet wallets. They can close with a vintage button loop closure or with a pen loop, so you never have to hunt for that lost pen again. Completely waterproofed and reinforced with archival line book tape on the spines, they have fabric lining pockets as well as vinyl inserts for those credit cards and pictures. A special added feature is a D ring that can hold a wristlet strap, in case you want to carry just your wallet, not in your purse or pocket but on your wrist.

All original book pages have been rebound as a paperback and come with your vintage book wallet.