Vintage book memory boxes

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When I am hunting for vintage books to save, I come across extraordinary book bindings that have long since been forgotten such as large leather dictionaries and old buckram cyclopedias. These books are super old, have great bindings, and are generally in wonderful condition. Because they were used for reference only, and have been forgotten, they survived until now. These wonderful books are on the most endangered book lists, as the internet has rendered them useless. But I see them differently. They are filled with knowledge and beauty. I am beginning to design and create memory boxes from these relics, mostly on a custom basis. Some will have antique knob feet, some will have leather straps or vintage brass locks. It all depends on the book and its intended use. Whether used to store recipes or jewelry or old photos or for keepsake wedding cards, these vintage book memory boxes will sit center stage on your dining room table, sideboard, or coffee table. These vintage book memory boxes will be reinforced with archival linen book tape, crafted with sturdy sides, interior cubbies, vintage lid closures, and exotic feet to lift them off the tabletop and elevate them to the status of works of art, as that is how I intend to craft these vintage book memory boxes. 

Unless you tell me otherwise I will still rebind the original pages as a paperback and give them to you with your vintage book memory box. Old knowledge is still very interesting knowledge. Who knows, you might be on Jeopardy one day! 

Here are a few examples of volumes that would make outstanding vintage book memory boxes. Come back and visit often as I begin creating vintage book memory boxes and transforming them into works of art to hold your memories.

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A Note From Kathleen

It is important to remember that these vintage book purses are old and in as-found condition. I clean, repair and preserve the book covers but some have minor wear and tear that will still be visible.  All book spines have been triple-reinforced with archival linen book tape, and new book board has been added for longevity.  Leather has been waterproofed, fabric covers have been treated with Scotchgard® and paper litho boards have been triple-coated to prevent water damage. All vintage book purses come with a vintage button as a simple loop closure.  Each book purse has either one or two interior pockets for credit cards and licenses, depending on the size of the book.  I designed your vintage book purse so that the fabric lining holds all the weight distribution, so you really can use your book purse.


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