Isn’t it ironic? You can save a book from being destroyed simply by storing your eReader in one of my vintage book eReader jackets. All vintage book eReader jackets come with multiple elastic corners so you can store just about any eReader on the market today. You can also fit your tablet or iPad® in one of these jackets. I just make them bigger. Your eReader jacket comes with a padded back cover for cushioning of your electronics, as well as pockets on the inside cover for personal storage. I have included a pen loop in the spine for notes. The exterior of your vintage eReader jacket has been waterproofed to protect it from life, just in case you spill your coffee while reading. All original book pages have been rebound as a paperback and come with your vintage eReader jacket. If you want a specific book custom-designed for your eReader or tablet, give me a call and we can discuss your options.

Many more vintage eReader jackets are yet to come. Pictured here are a sampling of vintage books that would make great eReader or tablet jackets. Come back and visit often to see what I have created.

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