The Knight of the Swan

Repurposed photo album from the late 19th century portrays the unique medieval tale about the Knight of the Swan on its impressive cover. Repoussé and chased copper metalwork lid (with possible nickel or silver plate) and leather bottom. Waterproofed. Photo album made by Peartree & Co. and signed. I built a birch box to hold the flanged lid and covered it with marbleized cotton endpaper fabric. I also added wooden feet to the bottom to raise it up off any surface you would place it on. According to legend, the son of Perceval is summoned from the temple of the Grail at Montsalvatsch and borne in a swan boat to Antwerp. He saves Princess Elsa of Brabant from Frederick of Telramund who wants to marry her against her wishes. Lohengrin will marry Elsa if she does not ask what his name is, but she does, and the swan‐boat carries him back to the Grail castle. The story is the subject of Wagner’s opera “Helias and Lohengrin” (1850). In early forms of the legend, the Knight of the Swan is called Helias (Helis in Icelandic)


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