Repurposed vintage books fashioned into one-of-a kind purses.

These beautiful books were originally designed to stay around for a very long time. There was no television or radio when many of these beauties were produced. However, time and technology have taken their toll. I find the books before they are tossed away, recycled or simply forgotten.

You can still read your purse! Your truly one of a kind vintage book purse comes complete with the original book pages rebound as a paperback unless it is missing pages.

Each purse is individually created with the integrity of the vintage book in mind. All book spines have been triple-reinforced with Lineco® Book Repair archival linen tape and padded for longevity. Leather has been waterproofed, fabric has been treated with Scotchgard® and paper litho boards have been coated to prevent water damage. The 100% cotton purse lining is carefully matched to the cover using vintage and quilting fabrics. All linings have been reinforced with interfacing. All book covers have been edged with upholstery lip cord or matching fabric piping for reinforcement, which is my signature design statement. I specialize in using upholstery weight lip cord for the edging, and cording for the straps from the Fabric Mill in New York. They are  super high quality and come in a multitude of choices. Shoulder straps, purse handles and vintage buttons were chosen to complement the lining and the graphic qualities of the book cover.