Vintage book journals and sketch pads

Want to be inspired? Remember the last time you had a brilliant idea but it slipped away because you had nothing with you to capture it with? Or maybe you are on the vacation of a lifetime and you would love to remember every aspect of the trip in real time. My vintage book journals and sketch pads are just the answer. They look like a vintage book, but inside is a treasure trove for creating memories. You start with a 100% post-consumer recycled paper pad that fits snugly on the back cover. You can choose between a lined pad or sketch pad. A pen loop settles into the spine so you won’t forget a moment. On the inside cover there are multiple pockets for storage of pens, pencils, pastels,  all the supplies you need to complete your memories. And when you have captured all those thoughts and memories, you can archive them and replace with a refill pad. You can keep filling those memories for years to come. My vintage book journals and sketch pads have been created from books that have lost or badly damaged their original spines but are still magnificent book covers retaining handsome decorated front boards (and sometimes even patterned backs). I have replaced the missing spine with a flexible cloth spine that matches the lining. The exterior of the vintage book journal and sketch pad has been waterproofed to last yet another lifetime. The original book pages have been rebound as a paperback and come with your vintage book journal or sketch pad.

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